Saturday, November 16, 2013

looking back and cupcakes make running better

I was looking back over posts from previous years and noticed a trend..I alway seem to have a rough time running in November and December.  Looking at my running calendar, I also noticed that I was sick last October so that month was not very consistent.  Which means that I guess I have been a better runner this year than last?  So I don't feel really bad about my not wanting to run lately.  It will come.

I did run this Tuesday with run club, even though it was really cold outside. Megan and I were talking about not running.  But how could we not run when it was her 100th run at runclub?! And just like always, I warmed up quickly once I started running and I didn't notice the cold.  I really hate these first few colder runs.  It takes awhile to figure out the clothing needed and what temps are going to feel horrible and which temps are pretty ok for running.  I normally stick with capris and short sleeved shirts until the temps fall below 40 degrees.  But when you have had days of 70 degree weather followed by days of 30 degree my body just doesn't want to get used to that!

When we came back in from running, Megan received her long sleeve run club shirt for running 300 miles for beer.
Nestor came too and he earned his 100th shirt too!  We also had cupcakes galore!  Jen brought some yummy homemade cupcakes and I stopped off at our yummy cupcake place near school to pick up some 100th run cupcakes!

We had lots of cupcakes to make new friends with too :)  Really who does not like a cupcake after a run?  Way to go Megan on your 100th!

Today I was planning on going for a run, but I think I am going to scrap it..I will go tomorrow for a long run.  Today I have some chicken and dumplings in the crock pot.  And this afternoon Ironman Kona is on.  I love Kona!  You would think I would have some secret desire to run an Ironman..I don't.  I just am in awe of what those athletes that do an Ironman and especially an Ironman in Kona.  Well a tri is awesome by itself, but add the heat of Kona and Wow!


Jennifer K. said...

I miss having a running group. It really makes it much more fun when you have people out there with you. I didn't know Kona was today. I'll have to find it! Thanks!

Kim said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Ironman! I just finished watching it and even though it wasn't live it was still awesome!!

Running Librarian said...

I always end up crying as I watch the people cross the finish line right before the cut off..or hearing the age grouper stories.. I almost wish they would show more age group stories.

Karen Seal said...

So much fun, love that your running group gives out shirts for 300 miles! Yummy cupcakes, too. I'm also in awe of the Ironman competitions, but I don't think I have it in me to complete one.