Thursday, April 30, 2015

H2O zone

This past weekend I volunteered at the George Washington Parkway ten miler. All of the water peeps met up at 6:30 a.m. to get our water stop ready for a bunch of runners 

We were expecting just a few runners to stop and drink the best water on the course. Now don't ask the folks at mile 8 if they have the best water because they will lie to you and say their water is the best. It is obviously not the best since mile 6 has the best H2O around!

I had some people that I was watching out for. Some run club friends were running along with Megan.  I was on the look out for the damn juggler too. The last time I worked this exact water stop I saw him juggle by. I was telling some of the people about the juggler. Jen has never seen the damn juggler and asked if I would point him out when he juggles by. Of course I would. 

We quickly filled all of the cups and waited for our first thirsty runner. We didn't have to wait too long. Soon we were passing out water like champs. I cheered on the runners as I kept an eye open for the damn juggler. 

Soon Megan run up and said hi as she enjoyed some refreshing water. Still no damn juggler. After a large portion of the runners left we got word from a runner that an ambulance was needed for a runner 50 yards away. The runner said it looked like a heart attack. Luckily we had a police officer right across from our water stop blocking a road. He quickly put the call in for help and then sprinted over to help the runner. In short time I heard that the man was talking and looked much better. Did he have a heart attack?  Who knows. But one thing is certain that there were two ambulances at the scene pretty quickly.  Not a great ending to the day. I haven't heard anything but I'm guessing that the man was all right. At least I'm hoping he is alright. 

We cleaned up the area and before we knew it the crew was pulling up ready to collect all of our stuff. 

I headed to the finish to meet up with Megan. The finish area was crazy so we decided to head over to crystal city for some pizza. Yum!  You can beat ending the running day with two slices of pizza. 


Kim said...

Yikes - scary about a possible heart attack on the course!! And - did the juggler ever show up?!
I was telling my boys about that guy not long ago - they are teenagers and were very impressed:)

Jaime said...

I've only volunteered once before - during the marathon portion of an Iron Man- but it was really fun! I hope that runner was okay and didn't have a heart attack!

Running Librarian said...

Kim, no the juggler never showed up. Now I think my friend thinks I made him up 😉