Monday, January 16, 2012

1K winewalk race recap

It seems like I haven't blogged in January at all!  I guess that is because I haven't!  I'm not trying to ignore you all, I'm just trying to ignore running. :)  I did a few runs this month, but this week I need to attack my running calendar! 

This weekend I participated in a very unique race..a 1K winewalk!  Yeah my kind of race!  I was a bit worried about this race because I really haven't been training that much. But luckily the race started in the afternoon so I spent most of the morning stretching and mentally preparing for this race. Nothing is worse than having a pulled hammy in the middle of a race! 

The race took place at the shops at Crystal weather would not be a factor in this race.  Since the organizer didn't want the large crush during the race we had to sign up for heats.  Our heat was scheduled to start at 3 pm. 

 Megan, Becky and myself grabbed our bib's, wine glass and twenty wine tasting tickets and we were off.  We had 10 rooms to visit, 20 wines to taste out of 40.  We realized right away that this was more of a marathon than a we headed over to the first of 10 rooms and started tasting the wines. 
The great thing about going with friends is that we would all get different wines and then pass around our glass to try everyone's pick. 

We had some rooms that offered up some snacks.  So we sat down and enjoyed some pita and hummus.  The Cabot cheese was also very popular in room 6.

When we were in made it to room 10  we were treated to a DJ.  After a long 1K race, many people were in the mood to dance!  Go figure.  I also made friends with a husband and wife who were smart and brought some yummy salami and crackers with them lol.  I almost did a double take when I walked past them on the way to get some bread and cheese.  They were so nice they offered me some yummyness. :) 

distance:  1K
wine's tasted:  20 with multiple sips from friends' glasses
time:  3 1/2 hours
pace:  just right

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