Saturday, April 21, 2012

Is it Runners tan or Runner's farmers tan..either way I'm getting one

I set out on a long run today..only made it to mile 5.  I guess I will try again tomorrow :)  I just waited too long in the was getting hot on that last mile.  I did run a bit naked..only the garmin came along for the run.  I have yet to decide if I want to run the Kentucky Derby Mini with just the garmin or do I want to also run with the ipod.  I'm almost leaning towards no music.  Sometimes running with my ipod and the garmin I feel a bit electronic heavy on my left side.  I have a week to decide if the ipod is in or out.  I will say if I do not get new headphones, that choice will be really easy to make :)

I did notice that on today's run I was starting to get a bit of a runner's tan (or runner's farmers tan) on my arms.  I know I should put on sunscreen.  I just sweat so much that I never put it on b/c I usually end up sweating it off.  I definitely do not put anything on my face prerun.  The sweat stinging my eyes is about all I can handle.  I don't think I could do sweat and sunscreen.  So I am starting to get some color on my arms and long as I do not wear any tank tops or cute strappy dresses soon it will look great with my shorts and tee's. :)  Maybe I will break out the tank tops to run in so I can break  up the crazy tan lines I am slowly developing. 
Thankfully my tan lines are not this bad :)

One week till the Kentucky Derby Mini...I'm getting a bit excited!  I've never visited Kentucky before!  And Eddie Money is playing a concert the evening of the Mini..I believe he has two tickets to Paradise for me and Megan.  Other than that I do not know any of his songs! lol  But a concert is a concert. :)


Anonymous said...

That is some CRAZY runners tan! Have fun :)

steena said...

haha, good old runner's tan! :)
Good luck in the race!

Crystal said...

Is the concert part of the Derby half festivities or is it just a concert?? I'm getting excited and nervous about the Derby Half. I was feeling really good about it til my last long run which didn't go so well. But the weather looks to be good for it! Hope it stays on the chilly side for the race!!