Sunday, August 12, 2012

week before I start back to work gives me CFS and republican rallies

I have been really really tired this week.  On Wednesday my summer vacation comes to an end.  Yep..back to work time. I have not really missed you.  So maybe my body recognizes that soon we will be back on a schedule and is revolting.  I have been napping like it is my job.  I did feel like I have been fighting off something starting with a sore throat.  Every once in awhile I come down with my self diagnosed CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome).  Yes, sometimes I play a doctor on TV. :) 

This morning I was sort of excited to run a long run.  The morning was in the low 70's and some clouds were in the sky.  The perfect day for a run...except if you are suffering from CFS.  I made it four miles and then called it quits.  Every time I moved forward it was taking a lot out of me.  Somedays you just don't have it in you.  I will attempt another long run tomorrow.  Fingers crossed that the CFS goes away. 

Yesterday I did not get my nap in.  Instead I headed to Mitt Romney's rally.  I'm not normally very political, but I do enjoy a good rally during a presidential election year.  Last election I got to see Hillary, McCain, and Obama.  Yeah I have no allegiance during a presidential election year.  I love hearing everyone in line talking.  It always cracks me up.  This time I learned that Republicans know how to stand in line and Democrats no nothing about lines because they are crazy.  (I'm not sure if the guy in front of me is an expert in lines, but he sounded very knowledgeable on the topic).  Now the rally was not my favorite.  It was in an area that was way too small.  Took forever to move up in line b/c 3 people were taking our tickets (when you have  a few thousand people that takes awhile to move people through the ticket line)  I didn't get to see Romney or Paul Ryan.  The loudspeaker system was not the best so I really couldn't hear that well either.  So I didn't stay for the entire speech.  I also didn't want to get caught in the massive traffic jam that was sure to follow.
lots of people in a small space

Obama supports were there too

need a button?

lines everywhere...thankfully the Republicans know how to stand in lines.

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