Thursday, June 6, 2013

Next Up: Hatfield and McCoy Half Marathon

So Friday I leave for Hatfield and McCoy.  I have wanted to run this race since first reading about about from a bunch of different blogs.  Then last year on the last day of school I saw a parent walk into school wearing his Hatfield and McCoy shirt so I asked him what he thought of it.  He had nothing but good things to say about the race and the people that support the race and runners.  So this year Megan, Becky and I are running for the hills!  This will be Becky's first marathon and Megan's second full marathon.  Great things for everyone.

They have included a pasta dinner the day before the race.  It is included in your
race fee along with a post race pig fest!  Yumm!  They are also having each of us run as either a Hatfield or McCoy.  If you are a true Hatfield or McCoy you obviously will run for your family.  I am neither a Hatfield nor a I wonder which family I will be part of on Saturday.

My car is all vacuumed and she has new oil..the car is all ready for her trip to WV and KY!  Now I don't really know where we are going.  I feel the least prepared for this journey than any other running adventure.  I figure that Megan knows where we are heading.  :)  She is already packed and ready to go, so I am sure she knows what is going on.  If not we have phones to look things up.  What did people do before iphones??  We really only need to know where our hotel is, where the pasta party  is located along with packet pickup, and where do we start.  The rest we can figure out!  I pretty much plan on going with the flow of runners.  You can't go wrong with that!

When we finish look what we get!

Who wouldn't want a mason jar??

The only thing I am not really looking forward to with this race are the hills..or rather Blackberry Mountain!  I like running on flat surfaces!  Well the one good thing is that I really do not have a time limit.  I figured that it is June and I am running..just finishing is great this time of year.  According to my weather looks like the rain should be done by Friday night followed by low 65 and high 83 on Saturday.  Please do not get up to 83!  I'm not used to running in the 80's yet!  

Well soon I will be posting that I have finished Half Marathon #3 for the year!

What is a destination race that you really enjoyed?!  Did you like it because of the race or the people you traveled with?  Sometimes I like a race because of the company more than the race itself.  :)


Kim said...

So does the team you run for determine where you start?
I've never done a destination race but this one sounds fun!!
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud when I read that you have no idea where we are going because, of course, I have printed directions and places around town if we are able to move Saturday evening! Haha! And you and Becky are McCoys and I'm a's on the registration confirmation page...silly girl!

The Fued is on!

Amy Z said...

I have heard about this race and it sounds amazing! Please, please, please post the longest, most detailed re-cap ever when you are done, ok? Oh-and good luck and have fun!

abbi said...

Have a great time. This one is on my list too! :)

Jennifer K. said...

Sounds like fun! I can't wait to see the pictures!