Friday, June 20, 2014

Adding strength

So I've talked about quitting my gym. There is always some reason I could come up with to stay with the gym. Most of those reasons started with "what if". What if its really hot out I can run on the treadmill. What if it is really snowy and icy I could run at the gym. Instead of thinking of the what if I started thinking about now. How much do I use the gym?  The answer sadly is not much. There are months that I pay for my membership and I don't use it at all. So I quit!

I have quit the gym but I've started with a different kind of gym. I'm now heading to a kettle bell gym. I hate lifting. But it is not that bad when you do it with a group...I guess. 

Lots of push ups and planks..everything we all should be doing but I hate to do. I end up sweating like a busy hooker on a hot summer night after just the warm up. Ugh. I figure this will help my running and add some muscle.  What girl doesn't want a little bit of muscle?

So hopefully I get more from this gym than my old gym. I will say I am really out of my comfort zone...which can only mean that this is something I should be doing. 


Kim said...

WooHoo - the KB gym with group class sounds fun!!!

Mary Sue said...

This sounds like the kind of workout I need - kettlebells, pushups and planks.