Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer vacation

School is out and I am one happy librarian!  I love no school!  No schedule, no need to be anywhere at a certain time.  Unfortunately that will change in July since I'm teaching summer school, I don't really think of alarm setting for summer school since it is not a full day of work. Since this is my first no work week I thought I would get lots of stuff done at home and my running would be awesome. Yeah not so much. I've cleaned out half of my kitchen cabinets (don't be jealous) and have taken lots of naps. I've also been able to sleep in this week, which is odd, I normally never sleep past 7am.  

Well with all of that sleeping ( I must be deficient in sleep) I have not been running much.  I did go to run club last night and I thought I was going to die running in the heat.  Marathon training starts next week and those first few weeks may be a bit brutal if last night was any indication. 

In between my naps I've discovered the joys of fruit in my water. Yumm

I bought some frozen raspberries and added them to my water today. I have been putting strawberries in my water too. It really has helped me drink more water.  And really we all could use a bit more water in our day. 

I'm going to have to set my alarm for a morning run tomorrow.  No excuses!  

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From Ice Cream to Marathon said...

I have never added fruits to my water, but what a great idea! I have some blueberries, I wonder how that would taste...
Enjoy your time off and can't wait to hear about your marathon training!