Monday, February 9, 2015

Trying to run 16.

Two weeks ago...or maybe it was three weeks ago...yikes! Jen and I headed out to run 16 miles. It was the perfect winter day. The temps were supposed to reach into the high 40's. You can not stay in on a day like that!  So we headed out for our run. I had on capris and a short sleeved shirt in January!  The plan was to run to the mall, run around the Lincoln memorial and the WWII memorial. 

We were doing fine. I wasn't enjoying the run like I was hoping I would but we were out there. Then as we were headed across the bridge towards the mall, my knee started to hurt. Around mile 7 I was hoping I could finish the run. We started the run walk system near the WWII memorial. At mile 8 I was thinking of jumping on the metro at Arlington cemetery, I figured I should be able to finish so we kept going. The downhill was the worst.  I was hating life. I was regretting my decision to keep running. Instead of heading back to Jen's we took a detour to crystal city to get a donut and hot chocolate. The walking was making me cold.  A hot chocolate sounded yummy!
 I'll take one of each!

I ended up with a chocolate cream filled and a hot chocolate. We then hopped on the metro back to Jen's place. We got in 12 miles. Not the 16 that I was hoping for. Of course the first thing I did when I got home was look up itbs.   I was thinking my itband was tight. After consulting the Internet doctor I self diagnosed itbs. Ugh.  

I took a week off of running to see if that is going to help my itband. 


Susan DeBruin said...

Hey, any run that gets you hot cocoa and a doughnut sounds great to me! 12 miles is still a great distance too. Good prep the next attempt :)

From Ice Cream to Marathon said...

12 is still great, but I know it's not what you were wanting. I've been having knee trouble too. I can't figure out if it's itbs or runners knee. The donuts and hot chocolate look yummy!

Kim said...

Ugh - sorry you had to cut your run short but probably for the best. Hope a week off has helped and that you are able to run again without pain!!!