Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 5k run

Had a great 5k run...not my fastest but that is ok.  It was a great race though.  I went to the double tree to meet up with Zack, Becca and Zack's parents who were in for the 5k this weekend. 
Becky showed up later and was very excited for her first 5k.  I was very excited for her first 5k too.  If she has fun she may be another running buddy for Kristen and I.  We can always use another person at our 5k's :)

We left the room to head down to wait for the start of the race.  The music was pumping, people were everywhere. 

Contrary to Zack's face, he was very excited for the race.  Although he was whining about forgetting his garmin back in Atlanta...big cry baby! lol 

The race started and it was slow going.  People were everywhere.  There was really no lining up according to pace at all.  I almost was taken out by 4 different strollers throughout the race.  I ran most of the race...I walked a few seconds here and there around the pentagon parking lot..considering that I walked the entire parking lot the year before..not too shabby.

Crossed the mat at 34 mins...slow but steady right?  I am fine with that.  Maybe my next goal will be to finish with a faster pace but really I am always happy that I just finish. :) 

We ran into a friend from high school, Caren.  Funny how you run into people you know in a large crowd of people! lol  Good seeing Caren and she had a great run.  All was great!

Becky has decided she is going to run some more 5k's with us...Success!! :)

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Anonymous said...

Congrats! Very nice run, glad you had a good time, since that's what it's all about!!