Monday, September 6, 2010

9 mile run - FAIL!

I have no idea what has been happening with my running (or lack of running).  I have been so tired and my legs have felt like lead.  3 miles has been difficult for me lately, which is not good considering I am going to be running 13.1 in 2 weeks!  Yikes!  I ran with the running club last Tuesday.  I ended up walking the last bit b/c it was so hot out and I was feeling sick from the heat.  Wednesday and Thursday were a no run day. 

Friday I decided to get my 9 mile run out of the way.  Boy look how proactive I am being.  So yeah I ran 2 miles and stopped.  I was tired and just couldn't do it. 

No problem K and I were going to go to Occoquan regional park and run our 9 miles (or close to it)  yeah 2.5 miles and I gave up.  There are a lot of  hills in that freakin park!  We did end up walking some and the days total was 4.64 miles.  Boy I am just feeling horrible.  I know it is mostly mental (or at least it better be by this time!)  I am really having a hard time getting past the running block.  Not sure if it is because of going back to school or what.  I came home after our "run" and slept for 4 hours...and then I slept that night too.  CFS is that you??  (ok I haven't been tired for 6 months like the link states but still..)  That is a lot of sleeping! 

Sunday I got dressed and laced up the shoes and took off!  That's right today is the day for my 9 miler..I mean my 3 miler..failed again!  I was going to try again later in the day at the gym but K was having a cookout so I couldn't go late right??

We are going to attempt (I mean I am going to definitely) run tonight.  I am much better at running in the evening than in the morning.  We are going to run track.  I know boring!  But I figure it is flat (so no excuses about the hills) and there are 4 of us going so I don't have to try to keep up with anyone.  I can just go at my own slow pace.  Fingers crossed that this works.  I am also going to change up my playlist.  Maybe some knew tunes will keep my feet moving.  I did 7 last week so I should be able to do 9 this week...I just would rather lay on the couch.  I have not been in the swing of the whole workout out thing since starting back to work.  I feel like this has be worse this year than in previous years.  Although it could just feel that way b/c normally I do not have a training schedule to follow at the beginning of school...who knows.  I just wish I could feel all into my workouts and running soon...

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