Sunday, January 9, 2011

Is that funk you or me??

So I had a wonderfully lazy Sunday.  I love lazy Sunday days.  I probably should feel guilty for not doing half of what I should be doing around the house, but I don't.  I did get out and made it to the mall to buy some cheap bargain books for my first graders who come to my morning reading with a parent this Friday.  You can't beat the bargain bin, especially when I am giving away 15 free books a month to the first 15 families that show up for my monthly morning reading.  This month it is first grades opportunity to bring a blanket and a parent and read before school starts.  They were very excited for the free book but more excited for the hot cocoa with marshmallows!  (The cheers really went up for the marshmallow announcement).

I also made it to Dick's and bought a cold weather compression shirt.  Now since I am purchasing cold weather gear I will spend most of the winter in the gym on the treadmill (isn't that how it always works).  I was going to try to run outside but the wind was horrible and it took my breath away just walking to the car so I quickly decided to head to the gym.

I wanted to skip the gym but I talked myself out of that idea.  I did end up going and had a nice short run while watching the eagles game.  I have forgotten  how much I like running and watching football.  I end up not worrying so much about my distance and just watching the game.  Too bad I remember this at then end of the season.  Oh well next year I guess.  I was also happy that I waited until the afternoon to go to the gym because all the New Years people love to go in the morning (I normally go in the morning but I didn't want to fight for any machines).  So that was a good decision, no fighting.  The only issue I had was I was on the treadmill and a guy jumped on and I believe he had some rank body odor.  At least I hope it was him!  I almost had to get off.  Then I was worried that its me.  I kept thinking I didn't smell it till the guy started running, but then maybe I am sweating more and it really is me!  Oh great, I am a stinky mess!  Then a few minutes went by and I am thinking what if I am the one offending this guy and it really is me that stinks...he stops running and leaves and wouldn't you know it the stink left too!  So I am guessing that it was the guy and not me. 

Then I got to thinking, which is worse, a person who takes a bath in perfume (you know so much so you can taste it while you run) or a person with B.O.?  I almost think it is a toss up. 

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The Turtle said...

Football helps with my treadmill running too. I'm going to miss it.

I hate when I smell.