Monday, August 1, 2011

Am I crazy??

Not sure what some people look for when they are choosing a race to run.  I like races that are on the smaller side.  I love races that have door prizes (who doesn't like the chance to win something).  I like races that have some yummy food and a fun vibe.  I also have been looking at races that are in states that I have never ran in.  I know I am never going to be the girl that ran in each of the 50 states or even the just the lower 48 but I figure I can see what I can knock out while I am having fun running.   So when the Hershey Half marathon fell through I was obnoxiously obsessively looking for another race to take its place.  Well I didn't get to check off any new state, which is fine, because I wouldn't have checked off a new state with the Hershey race since I ran in Philly last year.  I just loved the idea of a chocolate aid station and enjoying the park the day before the race.  So now I am running the Heritage Half closer to home.  My next race that I was looking forward to was the Derby Marathon and Mini.  That one goes on sale on August 8th.  After the sell out for Hershey Megan and I were worried about not putting this one off too long or else we could have a repeat of Hershey.  Well after some digging around I have found out that it sold out in March last year.  So we will register for that one soon.  It doesn't seem like it is the hellfire rush that we were imagining.  Who wouldn't want to run the track at Church Hill Downs? I also get to check off Kentucky.  As a bonus I get to see Louisville. :)  Another thing that is on my big running checkoff sheet is to run an inaugural race.  Well folks it looks like I have found that one.  Even though it used to be the Suntrust National Marathon, I figure new name, new organizers, so it is an inaugural race!  The Rock N' Roll series is coming to DC!  Yep  I signed up today.  For the next two days it is only sixty dollars so Megan and I will be running the Suntrust Rock N' Roll National Half marathon! 

After paying for 2 halves in the past 48 hours I think that will be it for awhile on the half marathon front.  First off I think Megan is going to start to disown me as a friend if I nudge her toward any more running events.   We still have some 5K sprinkled in among the bigger races.  I am going to run the 9/11 run in DC since this is becoming an annual run for me.  Along with the Will Run for Chocolate run in Dec. (I get to finally check of Maryland) and the Love the Run your with in February.  I also need to squeeze in a 5k (maybe a turkey trot) for the Girls Run with Pride group at school.  I haven't even started to look at that projected schedule.  I feel like I have ran a lot more races this year or rather this upcoming year.  I might have to sit down and figure that one out.


Sarah K said...

Not crazy! I'm debating this half as well! I'm running Philly in November, then I HOPE to run NYC in March...but the lottery is tough. If I don't get into NYC, then I will probably run DC :-)

Amy said...

I'd love to run a Rock N' Roll race because I've heard great things, but they are so expensive! You got a great deal on that half!! (I like your logic because that means I ran in the Inaugural Goodlife Victoria Marathon last year).

Crystal said...

my hubby did KY Derby half this past spring and loved it. I think i might be doing it this year!