Saturday, July 30, 2011

New local half marathon on the books

So I was very sad that Hershey closed.  I obsessively started looking for new Half Marys around the same time as the Hershey.  Note to self, if you are looking for a Half in either October or November you need to sign up before July 30th for cheaper rates.  Most are already 85-95 dollars!  I can't see paying that much.  So as I was stalking  Half Marathons I did run into the Lewis and Clark Half in Idaho.  I was thinking that if I approach it correctly I maybe could get school to pay for it as a "teaching field trip" or a conference to learn more about Lewis and Clark.  And of course I would come back and talk to the fifth graders about Lewis and Clark and the geography of the area.  See it does fit into the curriculum!  Well I am not sure how that will work out so I continued to look for a different run "just in case".  Well after two days of stalking websites I found a race that is right down the road from me.  It benefits the school district that I work for and it is the exact same weekend of the Hershey run!  Yes, I don't have to change the calendar at all!  And the race was only $60!  So I am now signed up for the Heritage Half Marathon in Gainesville, VA.


Susan said...

Yea! Have fun training!

Terzah said...

So glad you found a good one!