Monday, August 29, 2011

Quakes, 'Caines and new Kicks

I'm back to work so I have been avoiding the blog b/c I have been: 
a. tired (all this waking up everyday and working..ugh)
b. trying to avoid running
c. both

Unfortunately I pick C.  I have been running some shorter distances but I need to get in some longer runs.  This will be the week  I am back on track.

Well I know I am behind on the earthquake post, but here goes.  I was at work when the quake happened.  I was in the office talking to the secretaries and suddenly I thought the roof was going to cave.  I felt the need to flee.  I ran to the door and then did this hopping back and forth not sure where to go as the secretary is yelling at me to get under the desk.  Finally it sunk in what she was saying so I crawled under the desk.  Stephanie was under there with me saying "I'm supposed to get married" over and over.  Very scary.  Unfortunately I left a fifth grader in the library and didn't go and save her.  Although my assistant was in there so technically I could pretend like I knew she would make sure she was safe.  Really I was just worried about myself.  Now they say you learn something about your self in a time of crisis.  Here is what I learned:
I should not be on the crisis team b/c I am not as good in a crisis as I thought I would be.  I care about nobody but myself...and I can not think straight when I think I am going to die.  (I don't think I was thinking I would die exactly...)

Irene - I love hurricanes!  I love them even more when I don't have to experience them.  I love the weather guys standing in the wind with the goggles on.  I by no means like the destruction, but I love the coverage.  So as Irene was getting closer a bit of hurricane craziness hit the DC/Northern Va region.  My friend Kristi called me on Thursday and said that if she can convince her husband they were going to evacuate VA beach and stay at my house, a.k.a. Pam's Emergency Red Cross Shelter.  Turns out Shawn was not leaving late at night but rather they would head up Friday morning.  Saturday Kristi and I got up on Saturday morning before Irene was set to hit and we hit the pavement.  Kristi is supposed to run her first 10k in October and she has ran zero miles.  So we were taking it as a run/walk.  We did a mile and Kristi wanted to call it quits as the rain started to fall gently on us.  I convinced her to keep going.  we ended up doing 3 miles.  I usually hate running in the rain, but the sprinkle combined with the lower temps was kind of nice. 

Irene hit and it wasn't nearly as bad as people had first thought since she  downgraded to a cat. 1.  I did end up losing my electricity from 7 to midnight.  Sunday we got up and Kristi wanted to run again.  She wanted to run 6 miles since she felt pretty good.  Now I know that was not going to happen.  So we decided to run 3 or 4 miles.  First mile she wanted to call it quits b/c it was a lot warmer than it was the day before.  No more rain and cooler temps, rather the sun was up and melting us slowly as we ran.  We ended up doing  3 miles again.  Not bad at all.

Tonight I got home and decided to lace up my brand new Brooks.  I got a pair of red adrenaline 11's.  I was going to try and run at least 5 or 6 miles tonight but my knee was bothering me, so I did a few miles and called it a night.  Tomorrow is run club (my favorite night of the week). 

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