Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mount Vernon Trail Run

 Went running with Kristen this morning.  We decided to meet up at Mount Vernon to try out the Mount Vernon trail.  Why has it taken me so long to discover this great bike/run path?  The Mount Vernon trail is about 18 miles long (we did not run 18 miles) and runs along the Potomac River. 

We started at the beginning at Mount Vernon, which turned out great.  We didn't have that much bike traffic so I wasn't worried about getting run down by Lance Armstrong and their were plenty of trees to help with the heat.  It was a very pretty 8 mile run/walk.  Not bad considering my longest run has been 4 miles.  I am thinking  I might head back there tomorrow and walk with my dog (we will see). 

 The Potomac River was on our right as we ran out.  It was such a great morning for a run.  The only problem is I have been eating all day long like I am Michael Phelps.  There were some great wooden bridges to run over too.  This has been by far the best place to run to date!!!
Here is a barrel of water which came in handy when my hand held became bone dry on the trip back :) 

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