Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February = shorts and a t-shirt right?

I forgot to announce that I signed up for the Marine Corps Historic Half in May!  This will be race number 3 in 3 months which means I will be a Half Fana!!  Yeah!!!  I also just realized that there is 7 weeks until my next half and I am not really in the training mode.  Think they will move the RnR DC back a week for me??  Yeah I don't think so either, one can hope though. 

Well this past weekend was supposed to be my 6 mile run and that was a big fail thanks to the cold I have picked up.  Yesterday, my favorite day of the week , run club night, I didn't go b/c of a lovely case of pink eye.  I think the universe is telling me not to run. :)

Tonight I finally got back into my running shoes.  It was a beautiful winter night.  No snow to be seen.  70 degrees in February and I am running in shorts and a t-shirt.  Who would have thunk it?  This winter has be beautiful running weather.  Since it is 70 in February wonder what spring is going to hold?


~*Kimmy*~ said...

I know!! I went for a run tonight with my daughter and the weather was perfect!! 62 degrees.... I could have kept running and running. =)

Lindsay said...

I am wondering about your last comment too... Are we setting up for a blazing hot summer?!? I hope not.

Running Librarian said...

Lindsay - I'm a bit worried about all of the races I signed up for in the spring..I hope it doesn't feel like summer (hot and humid) in the spring and then we melt in the summer!