Monday, February 20, 2012

Love the Run your With 5K

Last weekend I ran the Love the Run Your With 5K.  This winter has been really warm and of course the day of the 5K was probably the coldest day I have ran this winter.  I think it was in the 20's.  Brrrr...not bad if it has been around 20 degrees, but it has been in the 50's which makes 20 degrees feel down right miserable! 

Megan Becky and I got there and decided to wait in the bar til it was  race time.  It was way too cold to hang outside until the start.  For the Valentine run Megan was nice enough to make both Becky and myself some lovely pink tutus.  I loved it!  We had many people complement us on our tutus!  I also put a piece of tape on my back with "Birthday Run".  I love that so many people said happy birthday mid run!  I can't believe that it took me until year 2 of Love the Run Your With to run with my birthday run on my back!  I love people saying happy birthday to me!  It just makes my day!  I figured since this was the closest race I was running near my birthday (Feb. 17th) it was ok to write birthday run. 

Our Run Club friends ran and volunteered at the water stop.  It was great catching up with them after the run!  And we had free drink tickets which always makes it more enjoyable after a run too.

Our friend Bill and "The Teachers" as he refers to the three of us.

It was a very cold day for a run, but once we got started it wasn't too bad.  Megan Pr'd and I had mucho people wish me happy birthday, success all around!


~*Kimmy*~ said...

How exciting!! Oh and happy belated birthday =)

Running Librarian said...

Thanks Kimmy!!