Sunday, February 26, 2012

Celebrating my BirthMonth!

I love my birthday!  I turned 37 on Feb. 17th.  I decided that this year I would celebrate my birthday for the month of February (and since it is leap year I get an extra day to celebrate!)  My friend Kristi always laughs at me because everything is related to my birthday once February hits.  If someone tells me that they are going to a concert on the 7th of February I always counter it with "oh, that's 10 days before my birthday".  Yeah I try to keep my birthday a secret.

In honor of my 37 year of living I decided that I would try and do one random nice thing for someone each day of February.  I think for the most part I did this.  One day I put some post it notes in the bathroom at work to tell people that they looked great today or thanks for making a difference.  I hear some people enjoyed the post its and it made them feel a little bit better about the day ahead of them. :)  I placed some random notes with hugs in teachers mailboxes.  Sent a friend a thanks for being a friend card.  It turned out to be a great way to celebrate turning 37! 

I also had some great friends that really went all out for my birthday.  My co-worker left me little gifts each day during the week of my birthday.  On my birthday I walked into my office and found this sitting on my desk:

My secret pal left some beautiful pink roses and my co-worker Kathy bought me beautiful yellow roses, so I combined them for an outstanding bouquet of flowers that made me smile all day long!  Somehow the kids at school found out it was my birthday on Friday (I'm guessing that they might have figured out about my birthday when I announced that it was my birthday eve on the morning announcements Thursday).  So all day long all I heard was "Happy Birthday Miss Lansberry"  I was loving my birthday!!  I had lovely cards from kids and co-workers, balloons left on my desk and then a surprise visitor.  I looked up mid afternoon and Bill from run club surprised me with more beautiful flowers and the largest balloon known to mankind!

That night I had a great happy hour at my friend Sheen's house.  With yummy cupcakes courtesy of Megan.

Saturday my parents came home from their cruise and took me out for dinner before taking back their puppy and heading home on Sunday.  Tuesday run club friends sang happy birthday and gave me some cards along with a yummy brownie sundae. 

Then last night, I had my final birthday celebration of 2012!  I met some friends for dinner and drinks and really enjoyed celebrating my BirthMonth!  All birthdays should last for the entire month :)  Thanks to all of the great people who made me feel extra special during February!

*In actual running news I need to step up my running.  I ran 5 miles on Saturday.  Half marathon number one is less than 3 weeks away! Yikes!!


Penny said...

Happily belated birthday!

Running Librarian said...

thank you Penny!