Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First half Marathon on the Road to a Fanatic coming up!

Three days an I am running my first half marathon of 2012.  Am I prepared??  Heck no!  This week I've been plagued with the plague..stupid head cold and lack of breathing.  Prior to this week..umm wait a minute while I come up with a multitude of excuses..too cold, too hot..too rainy..too busy..too name it I could come up with the excuse for my lack of mileage.  Unfortunately I'm going to be paying the price on Saturday for my lack of preparation.   Hello Rock n Roll DC!  That's ok..I'm prepared for a rough run.  I just keep telling myself if I could run while sick with what was probably the worst stomach bug known to man and still finish the Rock n Roll Philly two years ago, I can get through this race too.

So  here is my plan for Saturday:

1.  look cute in some green running wear
2.  enjoy the hotter than normal running day
3.  just enjoy the time goal for this one
4.  use this one as a step towards Cherry Blossom ten miler in a few weeks and the next two half marathons on the road to becoming a half fanatic.
5.  not to die (I feel this is a really important)


Crystal said...

Sounds like a great plan!! Good luck!

Running Librarian said...

Thanks Crystal!

XLMIC said...

Yeah...#5 is HUGELY important! Have a great time!!!!

Renee said...

Don't die is always my favorite goal. I'm just looking forward to running through DC. Hope it goes well for you.

Running Librarian said...

Renee, it should be a great day for a run! Good luck on Saturday!