Sunday, March 25, 2012

KT duct tape only better

So my friend Megan loves KT Tape.  So much so, while we were trolling the RnR DC expo she wanted to pick up some KT pro tape and ended  up practically working the KT booth.  Since she is hoping to score a part time job selling KT tape door to door in her spare time, she gave me some KT tape to try on my plantar fasciitis. 

I have had plantar fasciitis  in one foot or the other for over 3 years.  My right foot was really bad a few years ago..after multiple shots and some therapy my right foot is still feeling great 2 years later.  Now my left foot is suffering.  I went last summer to the foot doc and he gave me a shot and told me to continue the stretching and nighttime boot wearing that I am familiar with.  Well I thought the shot worked, but the pf came back...only not as bad as at first.  I have been managing it for the last year with stretching and stretching.  It hasn't gotten worse, but it hasn't gotten better either. 

Megan gives me some KT Tape after her love of KT Tape grew with the new Pro line.  I figured it can't make the pf any worse than it currently already is so...on it went.  The KT website is super easy to use.  They have videos to show you how to place the tape based on what your problem is..I must say I am now going to start to sell the stuff door to door too!  My foot felt the best it has felt during a run in a long time.  I have forgotten how it feels to run pain free.  Normally the first few miles I'm in some sort of pain, but after that it is usually fine.  Today, no need to wait for a few miles in..I heart KT Tape!  I might even say it is even BETTER than Duct tape for holding things and people together!


B. Kramer said...

Thanks for stopping by Team BHI and wishing me luck on yesterday's race. I've been lucky enough to avoid plantar fasciitis. Glad to hear the KT Tape worked for you. Cheers!

Lindsay said...

glad to hear it's helping! PF can be a monster i hear.