Saturday, March 10, 2012

Four Courts Four Miler

So I was looking forward to today's four miler race.  Last night I came  home and took a nap followed by  making some pasta and back to bed at 9 pm.  Yeah not my normal Friday night.  I think I'm fighting a head cold.  I just feel sluggish and blah..yeah that's what you want to feel like before running four miles.  I did take some Advil Cold so I'm hoping that helps me out this morning. 

Next weekend is the Rock n Roll DC half marathon.  Fingers crossed that I don't die! lol  I haven't been putting in the miles that I should.  So if I die mid run I guess I have nobody to blame but myself.  The good thing about the half is it is the first of three..a few weeks go by and I have the Cherry Blossom 10 miler and then a few more weeks and another  half followed by a few more weeks and my final half mid May.  So I'm hoping that my time gets better has the weeks go on :) (well if I survive next week that is). 

Good Luck to all running this weekend!

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