Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Running and visiting

Last week I had a few days of Aunt Pam Camp.  My niece came to visit for a few days and then I was going to take her home on Thursday to Virginia Beach. Needless to say no run club with Kate visiting on Tuesday.  We had lots of fun. We painted pottery, ate ice cream and caught minnows in the pond. Fun times at Aunt Pam Camp. 

I was mentally preparing myself for my long run at the beach.  We headed down to the beach. Our old college roommate Ronya was also staying at Kristi's house. I don't think Kristi and Ronya have seen each other since college.  It was a fun college reunion!   We went to see Matchbox Twenty and the Goo Goo Dolls.  Great concert.  

Ronya was lucky she got a free ticket for the concert. Some nice man had an extra ticket and gave it to her.  Well. After the concert I knew I wasn't going to get up early to run. 

The next day we headed to the beach with the girls. I'm not really a beach person.  I don't like the salt and sand everywhere and the waves sort of scare me a bit.  

It was a great time with friends.  That night I knew I had to sleep in my running gear or I would talk myself out of my long run.  Shawn told me where to park to make my miles and be able to enjoy the boardwalk. 

I wanted to not run.  It would have been so easy to skip it if I wasn't already dressed in my running clothes. Score  one for planning ahead. I headed out the door to my death. The heat while I've run in worse was horrible.  I got in eleven miles  I was also smart and brought some cash for some Gatorade half way through my run.  I'm glad I got my miles in. I'm glad I went to bed in my running clothes too. 

Next up is The Biggest Loser Half Marathon in Erie this Saturday. 


Kim said...

Fun to have your niece for a few days!!!
You cracked me up about heading out to your death when you went to run - glad you didn't really die!!!

Did you lighten your hair? It looks blonder in some of the pictures - cute!!

Running Librarian said...

I think it is a combo of the sun and I have some tan on my face so I am not nearly as pale as I normally am :)