Monday, October 18, 2010

chasing Paul

After school Paul and I decided to go running at the local middle school track.  I had never ran with Paul but I was pretty sure he was faster than I am.  I mean really a turtle is faster than I am..but that is a different post.  So I figured that the track would be a pretty safe place to run. If we run different paces we could run our own and still feel like we are running together.  Well we got to the middle school and the girl's soccer team was using the track.  So we decided to take our run into the neighborhood.  We started the run together but all too quickly it turned into me chasing after Paul.  Yeah I couldn't keep up.  I am going to blame my short legs and Paul's long legs really not fair!   Paul did stop at some of the stop signs to wait for me, not ever sign but some of them.  Turned out to be a pretty ok run.  We are meeting up on Wed. for another run or a chase, whichever you want to think of it.  Tomorrow is the running club followed by some beer.


Unknown said...

I'd rather chase than be chased. I feel guilty when I don't wait and cranky that I have to run slow. Sometimes.

Lindsay said...

I'd rather chase too. Easier to push yourself when you have that rabbit in front of you!

Anonymous said...

Beer is always good. At least he waited for you at some of the stop signs!

Lisa said...

Hi Pam,
I just wanted to say hi. Found your blog through Mindy's 13.1 Miles To Go.

I just ran my first half marathon on 10/17. I too wanted to finish in 2:30 or under.

I finished in 2:41. Like you I'm happy that I finished but want to run another to have a better time which I know I can do.

Look at it this way, the next half will definitely be another PR.

Congrats on finishing!

Tricia said...

hope you enjoyed your running group!

Julie @ HotlegsRunner said...

MMmmm beer sounds really good after a run =)