Sunday, October 10, 2010

Flying Pirate...ARRR

Ok, so I think we have found a new half marathon to run.  It is the Flying Pirate Half Marathon in OBX.  Sounds fun.  I mean really with the name Flying Pirate..who wouldn't want to run it?  It sounds like it is relatively that is a bonus.  It looks like this is the second year of the race.  And you are running in the Outer Banks, how bad can that be?  In April the weather should be good..and if I get in to the Cherry Blossom 10 miler again it is the weekend before the half and that happens to be the weekend that I need to run 10  miles so that is a bonus!  Everything is pointing to signing up for the run.  Now it is recruitment time. :) 

On a plus side I ran a mile tonight (I know crazy how far I ran).  But I am happy with that considering that yesterday I couldn't I am happy with the mile run and the mile walk.  Tomorrow I am going to run with K. and then Tuesday it is back to the running club.  Hopefully this ends the running funk. :)

Tomorrow is a great day at school, field day.  So I get to hang out with the kids and run around the field with them.  Maybe do some events with them.  I love to see how my jump roping skills hold up to some of those girls too. :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun half! Glad to hear that you fell like you're coming out of your funk. That's always a good feeling!

Crystal said...

that does sound like a fun one! you know it has to have a cool shirt too with that kind of name!

Running Librarian said...

Crystal I didn't even think of the shirt...but you are right..I am guessing the medal should be a good one too :) Arrrgh

Twila said...

This race is on my bucket list! I want to do the full one day.