Saturday, February 5, 2011

5 miles on Super bowl Sunday??

So I was a slug today...I admit it.  It was rainy and gray outside, so I stayed inside.  It seems like when I turn into a hermit for the day I am really really tired from all of the hard work of laying around and deciding what to watch on tv.  So I decided to either run my 5 miles at 8pm or Sunday at 8am...yeah Super Bowl Sunday won.  I just don't think I could muster up the energy to run 5 tonight.  I did clean today, so I wasn't a total waste.  And I am sure cleaning burns hundreds upon hundreds of calories lol. 

After the AFC championship game this year.

The last Super Bowl that the Steelers won...what a stressful ending..

Tomorrow I will be cheering on the Steelers after my run.  I have to get to the bar early (noonish) to secure the lucky table and we will be enjoying the lucky philly cheesesteak sandwich to ensure our win.  Since we are basically camping out at the bar I will get a lot of reading done and some DS games played.  It will be a long day for sure.  The things we do for our team.   Hopefully it will be a good game. 

Hope everyone enjoys the Super Bowl..and GO STEELERS!

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Crystal said...

I was a slug today too. Supposed to run 5, but did 6 on the exercise bike about 10pm instead.

sounds like a fun day, even though I'm married to a Packers fan!