Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birthday Week has ended

So my birthday was last week..such a busy week.  I had Running Club on Tuesday..ran the longer distance bitching the entire time...Wed. morning my co-worker bullied me into take a 5:30 am spin class..note to self I don't like spin classes...Then Thursday was birthday day...blankets and books with 2nd grade at 8am.  Parents brought their kids to the library I gave them some hot cocoa and they found  a spot to read together..very cute...Then that night we had a dinner at school for becoming school of excellence...and Friday night was a piano bar outing with some friends and Sat..the parents came to visit.  I am so exhausted from my birthday week! lol  Here are some pics from the piano bar...

Guy at out table paid 20 bucks for out message to be on the mirror

One of the piano guys...he loved my friend Megan.

Tonight I tried to run 6 miles and only finished 3 on the treadmill.  Tomorrow is supposed to be super nice out so I figured I could knock out my 6 miles tomorrow outside rather than pushing through at the gym. 

Have a wonderful day! 


Crystal said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that has a whole birthday week or month! :)

Happy belated birthday!

Running Librarian said...

Crystal anytime I refer to something happening in Feb...I usually will give the how many days until or after my birthday it is happening..I love my birthday! lol I am sure it is obnoxious for others but oh well it is my birthday :)

KT80 said...

I am interested to hear more about how your running club works. Thanks!

Running Librarian said... really is happy hour with some running thrown in. :) We meet at a bar and head off to run a set path (a winter path on a bike path and a summer path through some woods). Afterwards we end up back at the bar and enjoy happy hour and hanging out. its a 5k in the summer and the winter more a 4 mile run...It nice because nobody really cares how fast or slow you run, so there are pretty much every type of runner there. Lots of fun.

KT80 said...

That sounds great. I'll check my area for a running club.