Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday Fun!

So I went to the gym bright and early this morning.  I guess people do not like to work out on Super Bowl Sunday because the gym was pretty quiet.  I attempted to run 5 miles..but it was a fail.  I ran 3 instead.  I just didn't have the will or the energy to run the 5.  I will try again tomorrow. :) I am sure the fact that I have been a slug this weekend and eating a bunch of crap didn't help my energy level this morning.  I am going to try and eat a bit better and see how the running goes.  I am also going to get to the gym at 5 am during the week  try to make it to the gym at 5 am a few mornings out of the week.  We will see how that goes.  I think I will attempt my first 5:30 am gym fun on Tuesday.  Then I can either do a quick cardio or some weights and then head over to run club that evening.  It doesn't make sense to try and go tomorrow morning b/c obviously it will be a late night tonight watching my Steelers.  I am hoping that if I try and do something in the morning and maybe something in the evening I will see some lbs lost on the good old scale.  And I am hoping that if I get it out of the way in the morning, if I don't feel like doing much after work I won't feel that guilty b/c I would have had some sort of workout in the morning.  We will see how this "plan" goes.  I am not too good at waking up at the a.c.o.d. (a$$ crack of dawn). 

I am off to get ready and then head to my Steelers bar by 12:00..yeah a long, long bar day.  But I can't let my boys down! :)

Go Steelers!

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The Turtle said...

I often think about going to the gym before work. Thinking is as far as I have gotten. I just love to stay in bed as long as possible. Good luck with your morning workouts.