Saturday, February 12, 2011

Beautiful day for a run

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood!  I did 1 mile in the gym (with a migraine, so that ended the running pretty quickly) and then later in the day another 3 miles outside.  I am so glad I had a migraine this morning, because that afternoon run in the sun was so nice.  I have forgotten what it feels like to have sun pour down on you while you run.  I was running in a light long sleeve running shirt and could have easily ran in a tee shirt.  The guy I kept passing on as we ran opposite on the loop had shorts and a tee on, and if he could run in that outfit I am sure I could have run in shorts and a tee too!  That's how nice it was!  Hard to believe that it is mid February and I am running without multiple layers on.  And I took Riley on the last mile around the loop.  Oh he loved it.  However I guess I wasn't running fast enough for him, because he kept pulling me around the loop. 

I hope this is a  good sign for my 9am Love the Run you're with 5k.  I think if my friend Megan and I run it next year, we need to find some nice pink or red tutu's to run it in :) 

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MCM Mama said...

It was lovely out, but the wind just killed me.

Stop by packet pickup tomorrow and say hi. I'll be one of the people working it.