Friday, May 17, 2013

Color Me Rad

I have not fallen off of the end of the world..I'm still alive..I'm breathing..and all of that good stuff.  I have not posted or checked on blogs for two weeks..I'm going through withdrawal !!  It is rolling up to the end of the school year, which means busy, busy, busy!  Between trying to get stuff done and home..gardening and work..I've been coming home just exhausted.  Hopefully I'm now over it..we will see.  I'm back now though!

Two weeks ago I went down to see Kristi, Shawn and the nieces to run The Color Me is a family tradition (who knew when we ran it for the first time last year it would then become a tradition!) I headed down on Saturday and enjoyed a fun filled day hanging out with everyone.  Kristi made lots of yummy food over the weekend.  We had some yummy baked ziti and some sangria to go with it.

After dinner we headed to packet pickup, which to my surprise was super easy this year!  Last year Shawn and I waited for over an hour to pick up our packet, Kristi and I walked right up and out this year.  I should have known from the ease of packet pick up that it was going to be a great run!

Last year I ran with Ali.  I ran with her because she just took off and I figured someone should keep up with the second we ran it together.  This year Ali was  bit disappointed to learn that everyone was going to run together..which meant that everyone also got to run with Aunt Pam!

Tori and Aunt Pam can't wait to start to run Color Me Rad

All clean

This year the kids wore devil eyes for them!

If you remember from last year, I had the color get in my eye and my contact soaked it up...
Yep a bit of devil eyes..  Well the good news is that I did not get any color in my eyes.  I did run through the color with my hands covering the side of my sunglasses.  Because I did that I must have looked like I was a bit frightened of the color so I don't think that the volunteers put very much color on me..I'm sure they were thinking look at the crazy girl scared of some corn starch!  Although to be fair, they didn't get any of us as color soaked as last year.  Last year it was crazy how much color we came home with.  We were just a mess.  This year it seemed like the perfect amount of mess.  

We ended up all staying pretty much together.  I did realize that if I wanted to do sprints I need to take those little girls with me on a run.  It was like a bunch of jack rabbits!  Walk then sprint ahead..then walk and sprint ahead.  At one point Kate went flying past me and I commented to the five year old..your sister is fast..well Tori felt that was an invitation to see how fast she could run and yep..I was off on a sprint.  

Shawn and Kristi enjoying all of the color

Everyone had fun running!

Music, color cornstarch flying..time to dance!
 It was a great day for Color Me Rad!  We had no parking was a bit chilly to start with, but turned out to be perfect running weather.  No devil eyes.  Everyone ran together and had fun and lots of color on everyone.  Couldn't ask for a better running day!

After the run Kristi, Tori and myself headed over to the strawberry patch to pick some fresh strawberries.  Nothing beats some fresh picked strawberries!

It was a bit chilly but once you started to pick you were fine.  And the lovely donkey in the background didn't mind us picking strawberries either!

Next up Marine Corps Historic Half

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