Saturday, May 18, 2013

Marine Corps Historic Half expo

Well tomorrow is the Marine Corps Historic Half.  It really is not my favorite half because of all of the hills.  If you haven't figured it out yet I hate hills!  I ran it last  year and hated all of the running up up up!  So hopefully this year since I know what to expect I will not be as crabby to those hills!  The nice thing is that the Marines always put on a great race, so I'm not expecting any horrid things to happen (like long lines for bag check, portapotties or anything of the like)  I do love the people dressed up in ye' old days and doing some colonial dancing in Historic Fredericksburg.   I mean who doesn't love a good colonial dance?  I'm hoping to finish this race with a smile on my face..that is my only goal.  I haven't been the greatest on my running this I will take what I can get out of those hills.  I still have to look up my time from last year but if I recall it was horrible,so I guess I am hoping to beat that time too..we will see..

I headed down to Fredericksburg this morning to pick up my packet.

Drove in under the Finish Line!  

Drove out under the Starting Line!

Packet pickup was super easy and pretty quick.  I purchased a glass since I also got a glass last year and it has turned out to be the favorite for all of my drinks!  I did get some new body glide and some shot blocks.  Can't go wrong with those purchases.  The expo had many charities to see and some races to sign up for.  

I headed out of the expo and went to the mall to look around to see what they had.  Didn't really end up with much.  I got back in my car and headed home.  I before actually getting home I decided to stop at Five Guys to grab a burger.  I love protein the night before a race.  I normally will get a burger or steak for dinner.  Not sure how smart the Five Guys burger was but I guess I will see tomorrow.  I am not normally a greasy Five Guys kinda gal, but I wanted a burger.  

Hopefully the rain holds off for tomorrow and I get to run in semi dry clothes.


Anonymous said...

Happy Run to You! I'm sure it will be great! It is your Half Fanatic-versary!

Unknown said...

Good luck Pam on this next half!

Running Librarian said...

Awww..Megan you are right! It is our half fanatic-versary!!

Jaime said...

Have a great race!

Kim said...

I hope the race was great - can't wait to read your recap!!