Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Marine Corps Historic Half

I always think that I will get to sleep in a bit when I have a race as close to me as the Historic Half.  I live maybe 20 mins away.  Well I guess I did get to sleep in for a total of 10 mins longer than if I was headed to a race in DC.

It was a very dreary morning.  The rain was supposed to hold off, but it was drizzling a bit, nothing too bad.  You could feel humidity in the air.  I was originally going to wear my new Half Fanatics visor that Megan got me, but with the lack of sun and the possibility of rain I put my Army ten miler hat on.  That way if it rains I won't look like a complete drowned rat.   I now realize that I may want to invest in a real hat..even though I hate wearing hats while running (really anytime I think I look stupid in hats.)

I headed to the race and parked at Walmart and then headed over to the start.  I noticed that people were lined up waiting for a I headed over thinking I could just catch the bus.  Thankfully someone was nice and saved me because it was the bus for the 5K and 10K which had a different start.  Disaster averted!

I wanted to meet up with the Half Fanatic Group for a picture before the race, but between the traffic and standing in line I didn't make it in time for the picture.  I checked my bag with little problems.  I was standing in the wrong line for my bag, but I had time to move over a line.  (seems like I am line challenged with this race!)

I headed to my spot to start the race and after Sean Astin and local weather man Chuck Bell spoke we were off.  I was sort of hoping that I would meet up with Chuck Bell to talk snow storms, but it just didn't happen.
It is amazing how much easier a race seems when you know what is coming up.  I wouldn't say this course was is nothing but hills and lord knows I do not like hills.  But it didn't seem as miserable since I knew when some hills were coming up and where I was on the course.

Look how happy I look here!  Yeah I know how to ham it up for the photos!  I think the thing that sticks out in my mind was the larger runner who was plugging along and his friend/coach was running ahead of him and encouraging him to keep going.  He kept yelling at the guy (in a friendly coach like way) to keep up a good stride!  Do you want Gatorade?  No?  Great then why are you slowing down!  I'm guessing that it was either his first half or he was trying to improve his speed.  I told him if he caught up to his friend he was allowed to beat him up!  He was tired because I didn't even get a chuckle for that one!  I also saw some guys that ironed on the phrase "Can I have your beer coupons?" to both the front and back of their shirts.  I saw them at the beginning and the end. I asked if they got a lot of tickets and they said that they could get me a few beers with no problem.  Too funny!  As they said, it wasn't their first rodeo!

After Hospital Hill (the dreaded mountain that lasts two miles!) I ran into my friend Susan from run club!  Always fun to run into someone you know!  We chatted a bit and she ended up passing me the last half mile.  The last bit always gets me. I am blaming that stupid non-stop hill that they put at the end of the race!  Who does that??

As always the race was well ran.  The Marines know what they are doing when they put on a race.  The weather wasn't too bad.  I have decided that this race was the last race with capris.  I felt a bit over dressed.  

After the race I tried to find Susan and her luck.  I tried to find Alanna and Mark (I met them last Historic Half) no luck.  I grabbed some beer and then sat down to see if I could see anyone I knew.  Turned out I didn't see anyone so I decided to head home.  When I made it home Alanna let me know that her and Mark were out celebrating his PR.  So I took a quick shower and headed down to meet them.  That is a great perk about living so close..I get to shower before heading out.  I am sure that the waitress enjoyed the fact that we didn't stink! :) 

Next up Hatfield and McCoy!  I have a feeling that will be a very warm race!


Karen Seal said...

Great job! It's neat you live so close to the race start!! Congrats on a great race!

Kim said...

Great job with another half!!
Funny about the lines - glad someone helped you out!!!