Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Its like Grease Lightening....

Monday for Memorial Day I ran 8 miles!  It was hot and humid..just the weather I love to run in (insert sarcasm!)  I went running with Becky and around 5 miles or so I knew I was running out of water.  Which didn't worry me because the first part of our run we passed a few people washing their cars and kids watering the garden.  So I figured that I could just ask some nice people to fill up my water bottle.  I am a drinker when I run.  I think it is because I am a crazy sweater too.  So as luck would have it nobody was out watering gardens or washing cars when I wanted water!  Go figure!  Finally towards the end of our run (we had maybe a bit more than a mile to go) I saw a wonderful family washing their car.  So we asked for a fill up.  The man asked his wife not to turn off the hose so we could fill up.  He was our water angel!  He told us that he saw us a while ago running, were we running the entire time?  Why yes we were!  So we thanked them for some water and we were off.  Glad I got out there and ran some miles before next weeks half marathon.  I am going to try and get in a long run on Sunday or Monday depending on my schedule.

Tuesday was run club.  We were supposed to have some storms move through, but my house looked nice and clear.  So I figured no problem with running at run club.  It was a bit sticky outside, but nothing too horrible.  As I was driving up the sky was not looking great.  I saw some lightening.  I knew I wasn't running at run club.  I do not run with lightening.  Rain never killed anyone, but lightening can do some damage.  I got to the bar that we start from and saw some lightening and heard some thunder.  Yep no running for me!  My friend KP was trying to convince me to run.  He said he would run with me and since he is taller the lightening would strike him and not me.  Yeah I'm not falling for that one!
I wouldn't even run with lightening if I was in Paris!  I don't run with lightening!

So everyone went out for their run and I was left with Bill and Liana at the table waiting for runners to return.  While we are sitting there chatting, Bill points us to the window.  Torrential Downpours!  Yep I would say that I made the right decision!  When people came back they were all looking like drowned rats!  So glad I was dry!

What are your "I'm not running in that" weather limits?


Amy Z said...

Awe. What nice people you ran (ha ha) into! I will have to remember to be on the lookout for people washing cars next time I run out of water. I would ask if the hose water tasted different, but after 8 miles, who cares?

Running Librarian said...

not the best tasting, but it was colder than the water that I was running around with you trade one thing for the other..and it was wet which was just great! :)

Sarah said...

Monsoons! I don't run in heavy rain storms. I bike in them, but not run.