Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Running at run club? Say What?!

Last night I ran at run club..I haven't done that in quite some time.  Yesterday it was probably in the high 30's when we ran.  A perfect night for a run.  I was questioning my clothing choice.  Everyone looked like they were ready for a winter storm.  I had on capri's and a long sleeve shirt..oh and to look like one of the cool kids I added ear warmers that I found in my running bag.   Yeah the ear warmer headband will keep me warm.  Those ear warmers didn't last long..Turns out my outfit was perfect.  I was a bit chilly on the return run because of how the wind was hitting us but I was pretty comfortable.  When you haven't ran outside in some time it is hard to figure out how many layers make for a comfortable run.  I sweat.  I sweat in 100 degrees and I sweat in 30 degree weather.  So I am never quite sure how many layers to go with.  Last night it was the perfect amount.  I also will say that I felt pretty good during my run.  I could have ran a bit faster too, but I was staying with Jen.  You do not want to leave someone to run by themselves in the dark.  And it is always nice to chat while friends while you run.

Next up: I have two 5K's this weekend.  Both Valentine's Day runs.  

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Kim said...

Glad you were able to run with your running club again - sounds like y'all's weather is much nicer than it is here!!!