Monday, February 17, 2014

The last year in my 30s..

Today I had a lovely Happy Birthday lunch with Megan and Bill.  Bill brought me flowers and balloons.  How nice!

I bought some great clearance shoes at DSW.  You can't turn down a birthday buy on a new pair of flats!

I did head to the gym.  I found that working out when your 39 is soo much more difficult than it was when I was 38.  Just amazing the difference a year makes :) My bones also ache more than they did yesterday.

I came home to more flowers from my friends Becca and Zack.

There was also a lovely note attached.  The note read:  You are not really old until next year.  Nothing says happy birthday like a note telling you that you are almost old.  Love my friends!

I also finally checked my mailbox.  I haven't ventured through the snow piles to get the mail since Thursday.  I got my shirt to run the Pittsburgh Half Marathon in!  It will go great with my Steeler shorts!


Kim said...

Happy birthday!!! You are still young!!! So sweet of your friends to celebrate your day with flowers and balloons!!!

Jennifer K. said...

Happy Birthday!

steena said...

Happy birthday!