Sunday, March 27, 2011

1 week till death

So Cherry Blossom is one week from today!  Yikes!  My training has been a bit lacking which is a bit concerning to me...yikes!  Heading to the gym today to run 8.  Then 2 weeks from today will be my 2nd half marathon, double yikes!  I have had the oddest running experience since my previous half marathon in September.  This is the first time I can honestly say I just didn't want to workout or run.  I thought it was just a small case of burn out from all the training for the race in September, but if it was it was the longest case of the workout blahs I have ever experienced.  I have been working out a bit more than I was back in November but that really doesn't say much.  I have been having small panic attacks because of my lack of running, I hope I don't die next Sunday.  The only thing I have going into it, was that a few years ago I ran 4 miles (my longest run) before running the cherry blossom 10 miler and lived to tell the tale.  But my legs hurt for days after.  Last year I had a great run and felt great afterwards.  Fingers crossed that I feel great next Sunday. 

Monday is my first Girls run with Pride training.  One of my 4th grade girls came in and she was practically bouncing off the wall she was so excited to start on Monday.  :)  She told me she was already running around the neighborhood.  So hopefully if I do die next Sunday somebody will take over the girls run club so they can have a great 5K run in May :) 

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Crystal said...

you will do great! lack of training or no you will finish and will be happy! :)