Sunday, March 13, 2011

crazy weekend

So this weekend started off with me letting my friend's dog out..turns out it is not smart to lock the deadbolt on the front door and then leave your keys along with the friend's house keys on the kitchen counter as you head out the locked back door with Holly the Shepperd.  Holly was a bit confused why we kept going to the front and then to the back of the house.  I did learn I am not a good burglar.  So then we headed off to walk along a very busy Rt 1 which really does not have a lot of walking room.  It didn't help that it was rush hour on a Friday when I am walking down the road to get to my house about a mile and half away.  I am sure the drivers were wondering why in the world I was walking my dog along a busy road instead of in a neighborhood.  So I made it without getting hit and luck would have it that my neighbor was home so he called my three friends that live at Holly's house.  Of course nobody picked up their phone!  So I called school and Becky was still there and she drove the 30 mins to pick me up and let me in her house.  Holly was saved!!  I also lucked out when I got in my house Holly got along with Riley pretty well.  Riley just wanted to follow her around and sniff her ( I don't think Holly enjoyed that too much).  So my 15 min. let Holly out and feed her turned into 2 hrs of fun.  So needless to say my 7 mile run was canceled. 

Saturday my friend Rachel came in from Ohio to go to Shamrockfest in DC. 

It was such a nice day!  For the past 2 years we have had rainstorms during shamrockfest.  This year it was warm and no rain! :)  Yippee!!  We met a bunch of interesting people.  Needless to say I was feeling the festivities the next no running on Sunday.  My 7 miles has now moved to Monday.  Grrr...

Well here are some pictures of fun Shamrockfest!


Crystal said...

The festival looks like a ton of fun! Hate that about your keys though! bummer!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a blast!

Anonymous said...

I went to Shamrock Fest last year! even though it was pouring rain, it was such a blast. Looks like you had better weather. I have a lot of friends in the DC area..nice place to be, I always love visiting there.

Thanks for your comment on my giveaway!