Wednesday, March 30, 2011

8 miles here I come (I hope)

So the girls Run with Pride had to run with pride in the small gym.  We did some laps (pacing is going to be an issue) and then some cross training stations.  Then the parents pick them up and you would swear I have never said when the 5K run is going to be.  Ugh!  So I am keeping my fingers crossed that the girls are signed up in advance (if not I guess they can pay the 30 dollars day of). 

So I am off for an 8 mile run before the 10 miler on Sunday.  Fingers crossed, I have not been doing well on long runs..grrr...On a good note, looks like the rain will be done by Sunday.  I was dreading a 10 mile rainy run.  I am such a wimp with rain.  Before the long run tonight I have to stop off and get some iron-on t-shirt transfers.  The shirt color this year for the cherry blossom run is black :)  So I will be a ninja runner...muahhhaaaa

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