Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2 weeks till the 10 miler and 3 till the 1/2 marathon..should I start running now??

So the kids at school gave me my first bout of strep.  Yeah me!  I know hard to believe I work with kids and it has taken me this long to contract strep...what can I say I am a pink eye sort of girl ;)  So needless to say I haven't been running.  I thought I had the flu on Thursday night (exhausted, headache, sore throat and fever) and the sore throat just didn't clear up over the weekend, so it took me till Sunday to go to the doctor to find out that I had strep..looks like another sick day on Monday. 

So with such a short time before I run the cherry blossom 10 miler and then the next weekend the Flying Pirate 1/2 marathon in OBX.  I think I might have to cancel running club this evening....grrr...I really like running club.  I figure this will get me to bed early (This will be the first day back to work and I have been taking lots of naps and getting up really late for the last 5 days).  I also figure that I can attempt a 6 mile run tonight and then come home and go to bed.  Then 4 or 5 miles on Wed...Zumba on Thursday and long run either Friday after work or Saturday morning before Kristi and the my favorite nieces come to visit on Saturday.  Then next week some 5 mile runs with a 9 mile run next weekend...Hopefully that will get me on some sort of track before all the races.  At this point with all of training lack of running I am hoping to finish alive.

Well looks like I am off to work.  Hope everyone has a great day :)

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Crystal said...

glad you are feeling better. :)