Thursday, March 10, 2011

Girls' Run Club

So I have decided to start a girls running club at my elementary school.  I have done Girls on the Run at my previous school and liked it.  I was going to do Girls on the Run at my school now, but I didn't get my application in on time so I decided to do my own version of Girls on the Run. 

Today I got the letter to go home and I tried to find a race for us to run that was local.  Much harder than I thought.  I am all for driving for a race, but I am not sure how parents would feel having to get up really early to go to a race that is 30 to 40 minutes away.  So local it is.  I found a great 5k that a high school was sponsoring.  How great we can support other students and run our first 5k.  So I printed out the flyer and put the name of the run in the letter to the parents...then half way through the day someone mentions Memorial Day Weekend...crap!  Yep I picked a race on Memorial Day Weekend.  Back to the drawing board.  So I found a race at the beginning of May that supports the family of a slain local police officer.  Same area but a few weeks less of training.  I am thinking of 12 girls for the run.  It looks like I might have some other teachers willing to pop in to help, but not sure how reliable they will be.  My assistant thinks that the kids will not be able to afford the 20 dollar entry fee.  I don't think she enjoyed my response of then don't join the running club.  Most of those kids have multiple game systems and a bunch of games at 50 dollars a pop...a 20 dollar race fee is not that bad.  Hopefully my run group will get approved by the principal.  Fingers crossed.


MCM Mama said...

Good luck with it! I'll bet they'll enjoy that 5k. I love GOTR (and am actually volunteering at the race this spring), but it's a HUGE race!

Crystal said...

What a great idea!!! good luck!

Unknown said...

Hope it flies for you!