Friday, June 24, 2011

My favorite 5K and the gym

So I have headed back to the gym this week.  I ran a bit on the treadmill and then I headed to the StairMaster.  I think I might start to like the StairMaster.  I figure I can work on my legs and butt.  I then ended with the bike.  Not too bad.  I was very very sweaty too.  I have this weird thing with sweat.  I love to see the sweat on the treadmill because I feel like if it is dripping off of me, I am obviously having a great workout.  Well the sweat was dripping on the treadmill and that poor StairMaster.  So I guess it was a pretty good workout. 

Tomorrow is the Tim Harmon 5K race in Fairfax.  It is a pretty small race.  Last year they had lots of trophy and medals for age group winners and door prizes for those of us non-winners.  I ended up winning a great 30 dollar gift card to a local restaurant.  I LOVE DOOR PRIZES!!!  They also have an oldies band, The Sock Monkeys, playing.  You can't beat the atmosphere.  The only problem I see is that tickets go on sale for Steelers at 10 am so I hope I can get the tickets and still win some door prizes.  This is where an iPhone would come in handy. Shoot my iPhone is not coming till Monday..figures. 

I also made a new play list to run to.  I hope between the different gym routine and the new play list I will get out of my running funk. :) 


Tricia said...

have fun tomorrow!

Amy said...

Good luck with the race, the prizes and the tickets!

Terzah said...

A new playlist works wonders! Have a great time!

Crystal said...

yay!!! door prizes are the best!