Monday, June 27, 2011

sweaty mess

The Tim Harmon 5K went great on Saturday!  It wasn't too hot, although it was hotter than I realized.  Last year the run was miserable.  So no real complaints this year.  The only problem I had was that Steeler tickets went on sale while I was at the race. What to do, what to do.  So after the race I ended up calling people to find someone to log on to my ticket master account to try for Steeler tickets. I know, who knows if there is going to be a season, but if there is, December 8th I will be there watching the Cinci/Steelers game :)  It was amazing how many people didn't answer their phone.  Finally I got ahold of Zack.  Since he is dating Grab and we go to the games together I figured he would log on for me.  Thankfully he did,because Grab didn't end up getting the Dec. 24th tickets that we were hoping for.  While I was waiting to see if Zack scored some tickets I was also waiting to see if my number was going to be called for some door prizes!  Oh you know how I love door prizes.  Turned out this was not my year, but Megan a burrito and kids meal from Mo's.  So all was not lost.  It was a great day for a run.

Today my iphone came curitsey of FedEx!  Yeah!!  I was so excited.  So I think I am going to track my exercise and food on my iphone!  That will be so much easier than my small notebook that I carry around and end up not writing anything in it.  I did end up running and walking the neighborhood.  Not to bad.  I ddi feel like I was going to die the second time I trucked up the hill, but it was ok.  I also noticed as I was walking around the neighborhood that I have a lot of crotch sweat.  Gross.  It looked like I had some issues.  I guess that could explain why my thighs chafe. Usually it is boob sweat..but not so tonight.   Maybe as I keep tracking my food I will see the thighs get smaller (along with other parts of my body)

Well I am off to watch "Are you fitter than a Senior?"   It should be a good show.

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Lindsay said...

Are you fitter than a senior? Haven't heard of it but it sounds fun :)

Good luck with your iPhone... Soo easy to get addicted!