Wednesday, September 14, 2011

9/11 run

For the past 3 years I have ran the 9/11 run in Arlington, Va.  This year was no different.  If you are not familiar with this run, it is a really great run to participate in.  It is a very family friendly run.  People are running with kids, dogs and lots of strollers.  The run begins at 6pm.  This is great if you like to sleep in and hate getting up early for a race.  The downside of this run is if it has been hot all day long, it bakes the pavement.  The last portion of the run is around the Pentagon parking lot.  That parking lot is really hot!

That parking lot gets the best of me every year!  I always tell myself I am going to run the entire thing and I always end up walking parts of the parking lot.  You can just feel the heat coming off of the pavement.  It just kills me mentally every year.  Next year I will run that parking lot!There are usually some bagpipe players towards the end of the race too.  Usually they hang out under the overpass, this year they moved.  It was great seeing them run in and cross the finish line at the end of the race too. 

I did notice that there were less emergency personnel running the race.  Usually you see a bunch of firefighters, police officers and military running this race.  I think because of the heightened security around DC that most of the regular emergency people were on call or working. 

Great race and it was extra fun because we met some friends from run club.  It was great cheering them on and having some beer and pizza afterwards.  Then we all decided to head to Shirlington for some more beers.  Next on the racing schedule is the Army 10 miler in October.  10 miles here I come!

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