Sunday, September 25, 2011

8 miles... I did it

I went to the gym today and headed to the treadmill to clock in 8 horrible miles on the treadmill..ugh..nobody likes running 8 miles on a mill.  I plugged in to the football game, lions v  Vikings and Giants v Eagles game..I think I need to run to football games more often.  I just kept plugging away and it wasn't too terrible!  Yeah!!

 Now I just need a volunteer to run in front of me for the Army 10 miler and my half marathon with a TV with a football game on it. :)  Any takers? 


Amy said...

My gym always has a sports channel on the one tv. It's usually on car racing or poker in the morning when I go, neither of which interest me, and neither of which do I actually consider to be sports. My favourite time to go to the gym was during the Olympics - I could bang out all kinds o' miles with "good" sports on!

Crystal said...

good job. i've done 5 on the mill before and that was not fun!

Terzah said...

My record on the treadmill is 11 miles. Yawn. I hope I *never* have to do that again.

That said, good for you! :^)