Thursday, September 15, 2011

Searching for my blog?? Here's what they are typing..

So people are finding my blog by typing some odd things.  Here are some of the key words that could bring you to my blog:

Axel Rose
Sponge Bob head and Happy birthday Sponge Bob
flooding Mount Vernon Trail
broken scale (mine is always least that is what I hear anyway)
sweater with nsync ( I would love a sweater with N'Sync)
Facebook shirt
Mike Wallace signing autographs
Demotivational running (I didn't know I was demotivating everyone..I will try to do better)
Messed up my face with a fat transfer (I am not asking how this gets you to my blog or why someone would search that..)

What are some of the crazy search words that they are using to find your blog?


steena said...

hahaha that's my favorite part of my blog, the random searches that people find me by. Somehow, I can understand some of the randomness that brings people to me.

Lindsay said...

dang! guess i'm cancelling my fat transfer next week, wouldn't want to mess up my face ;)

the random searches are the best. mine are never that good :(