Thursday, December 15, 2011

2012 Running Calendar - The Year of the Half

2011 is winding down.  I haven't been running much, but I have been setting up my calendar for next year.  Next year will be known as the Year of the Half!  I'm ending the year with two races on New Years Eve, a 10K and a 4 miler.  That should take care of not ending the year on a bad race note (Hot Chocolate Race).  Here is how the calendar for 2012 is shaping up:

February- Love the Run Your With 5K
March - Rock N' Roll DC Half Marathon
April - Cherry Blossom 10 miler and Kentucky Mini (Half Marathon)
May - Marine Corps Historic Half (This will be the 3rd Half in 90 days..we will officially be a Half Fanatic after this race!)
September - Rock N' Roll VA Beach Half Marathon

I'm sure there will be some other races thrown in there..but so far this is how 2012 is taking shape.


Crystal said...

i think i've told you this, but I'm doing the derby mini too! you aren't boycotting RnR's? Seems a lot of people are after Vegas, even if they weren't at Vegas. I would still like to do one, especially vegas, if they get all the kinks worked out.

Running Librarian said...

Crystal, I already paid for my RnR races before the Vegas disaster. I have previously ran a RnR and I thought it was fine. So fingers crossed :) Yeah for the Derby! I am very excited, it will be my first time in Kentucky too :)

Penny said...

So great that you've got such a good plan together for 2012! I've got my first half on the calendar (April) but that's it. You've motivated me to put a calendar together!

Running Librarian said...

yeah Penny!! I try to get some races together a bit early so that it is cheaper (always a great motivator). Good luck on your first half!