Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blog stats

Some Blog stats for 2011

Most read post : Axel Rose why do you hate me?  I guess a lot of people are hated by Axel Rose.  Who knew!  I knew that Axel and Slash did not get along but I didn't know the feud between Axel and  hundreds of other people.

2nd most read post: Boys and Girls Club Turkey Trot recap  I guess people love a good Turkey Trot

Most traffic:  Thanks to Am I a Runner...or Just Crazy?  you have brought the most traffic to my little corner of blog land :) 
Followed closely behind by Dare to Tri
Thank you to everyone who has visited my blog you all rock!

Top three countries that like to read my blog:
United Kindom

Most common searches bringing people to my blog:

axel rose
spongebob squarepants
spongebob birthday
ugly christmas sweater
ugly christmas sweater party
ugly christmas sweatshirts
broken scale
tacky christmas sweater party


Lindsay said...

This was fun. I always enjoy the random search terms :) I willbe copying this idea for a post!

cathysrunning said...

Axel Rose...what happened to him...very sad. But Slash has kept himself going! Love your post!