Friday, December 30, 2011

Last run of the year

So tomorrow I plan on running not 1 race but 2 races!  Megan and I are running Ringing in Hope a 10K race at 10 am. 

Then later that day we will be running the Fairfax Four-Miler at 6pm.  I'm excited to run this one because we get hoodies!  I love hoodies!  We should also see some people from run club, so that is always fun when you get to hang out with friends. 

So looks like we are running out of 2011 and running into 2012.


Penny said...

I would also be psyched about the hoodie! Sounds like two really good races! Good luck (and congrats!)

~*Kimmy*~ said...

Yay have fun!!

Crystal said...

two in one day?? wow! that's impressive! :)

Running Librarian said...

Well the first 10K was very hilly...the next 4 miler doesn't look any different..hopefully my feet hold up :) Happy New Year's everyone! When do you get the chance to run two races in one day? :)