Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hot Chocolate Race Expo

Saturday is the Hot Chocolate 5K/15K race at National Harbor.  I'm running the 5K, having some brunch and then I am off to PA so I can head to the Steeler game on Sunday. 

I went to the race expo on Wednesday with Megan. 

I figured less traffic on a Wednesday night than a Thursday.  Which then means there has to be an accident on the Wilson Bridge.  Love DC traffic!  We finally made it to the Harbor and decided to park on the street.  We snagged some on street parking with 30 minutes left on the meter!  Score!  Maybe our luck is changing.  We head over to the expo thinking how great can it be??  Well turns out it wasn't that bad!
We picked up some Feeture socks, buy 2 get 1 free!  I love running socks!  I also picked up some Brooks running tights.  Love that they were on sale too!  Can't beat 30 dollars for some tights! 

While Megan was attempting to pay for her bargains, we ran into Jeff from run club!  He had his hands full with some bargains on shoes. 

We finally head back to the car and are greeted with a lovely parking ticket for 15 dollars!  Really?!  And I am guessing you think that is going to make me want to come back to shop and visit?  We were less than 30 minutes and I get a ticket for 15 dollars??  Ugh!! 

Looks like it is going to be a bit cold on Saturday.  I am thinking the wind off of the Potomac may be my enemy on Saturday too. 

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Crystal said...

love the giant mug!!! too cute! good luck!