Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Naked 5K coming up..tomorrow

So as you can see from my lack of posts I have not been setting any world records in running.  That all changes starting tomorrow.  Tomorrow, Becky and I will venture into Maryland and run The Naked Foot 5K .  It should be fun.  I am hoping that I actually signed up for the race.  Ever feel like you thought you signed up for a race and then come race day you are not really positive that you did?  Yeah that is the feeling I have right now. I checked email..yeah I actually deleted my emails from the time I think I signed up.   I thought I purchased a sweet deal courtesy of  for a ridiculously low 5K rate (either $7 or $15..can't remember the exact price).  Because I remember signing up for a few different races this spring, I am not 100% certain that I filled out the actual race entry after the Shwaggle deal was purchased.  Opps.  (Megan if you are reading this I might be using your bib tomorrow if this turns out to be the case).  Our friend Megan was going to run the Naked Foot 5K with us, but she is back home and we are picking up her stuff.  So if I messed up my race stuff, I may have a race bib in my hands...and it might accidentally end up on the front of my shirt... 

So this mess is either a sign of old age or that I look at way to many races.  I think it might have also been around the time when I signed up for the color run and had to use a groupon I could have thought I entered for the Naked race using a code, when it was the Color Run...who knows...ugh..

Anyone else ever show up for a race to find out that you never actually registered for the race??


Crystal said...

I have done that before. Thought we registered and hadn't. We registered on site but they were out of shirts! :(

Lindsay said...

hahaha. i have never done that. but it would be frustrating to go all the way there and then find out you didn't have to. (unless you wanted to run the race of course)